[midPoint] - How to connect file server (Linux+Samba+LDAP+smbldaptools)? And image attribute

Wojciech Staszewski wojciech.staszewski at diagnostyka.pl
Wed Dec 21 21:34:48 CET 2016

Thanks. I have to check if modyfing ldap entries are enough to manage the users and groups.
But I suppose that these commands from smbldaptools are doing something more than just ldap modifications...

By the way:
I have an image type attribute (scriptedSQL), I guess it must be "byte[]" type, but how to convert database "blob" to byte array in groovy (and vice versa)? I'm googling this right now, but Google finds only some javascripts which are not working correctly...

Dnia środa, 21 grudnia 2016 18:01:26 CET Ivan Noris pisze:
> Hi Wojciech,
> maybe the Command scripted connector, but it's very "simple" connector.
> I may have real production skills for this in a few weeks (the customer
> delayed one of the resource where this connector will be used).
> I have not worked with Samba for years, but isn't there a possibility to
> auto-create the homedirs after the LDAP record is created or when user
> tries to login/map the drive or something like that?
> Regards,
> Ivan
> On 12/21/2016 02:12 PM, Wojciech Staszewski wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> > I'm thinking how to connect my file server to Midpoint for accounts/groups management. It's Linux with OpenLDAP and Samba and smbldaptools...
> > LDAP connector? I don't think so, because every created user gets homedir on Samba, it must be created on filesystem.
> > Unix connector? This is not a solution as well. Managing accounts is done by smbldaptools (smbldap-useradd, smbldap-passwd, smbldap-usermod, smbldap-groupadd and so...), not by default Linux commands.
> >
> > Maybe Commandline scripted connector?
> >
> > Anyone has some experience with this and got some hints for me?
> > Thanks, regards,
> > WS
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