[midPoint] - How to connect file server (Linux+Samba+LDAP+smbldaptools)?

Wojciech Staszewski wojciech.staszewski at diagnostyka.pl
Thu Dec 22 12:12:04 CET 2016

Thank you for your answer.

Adding scripting support for Unix connector would be nice too.
I have several dozens of servers hosting virtual machines (proxmox VE).
Users allowed to manage virtual machines must be added by running shell command "pveum useradd $user at pam && pveum aclmod / -user $user at pam -role Administrator".
And deleting users in the same way.
Unfortunately Unix connector can't execute scripts, so it must be done by workaround (i'm thinking right now how to do it).


W dniu 22.12.2016 o 11:28, Radovan Semancik pisze:
> Hi,
> I think you already know the answer: there is no good way how to do this now. However, there are two options for future midPoint development:
> 1) Add ssh scripting support to the LDAP connector. This should be quite simple. And there is a precedent for this. The LDAP-based AD connector (which is in the same bundle) already has powershell scripting support. This is quite easy and very practical solution. Yet the application is somehow limited.
> 2) Implement a way how to use scripting methods from one resource in another resource. The ConnId script execution operations are not bound to any account or provisioning operation. So this is theoretically possible. However, midPoint was designed with good interface design and encapsulation in mind and this is currently not directly possible. However it can be added if needed - and it would still be quite clean. This would be nice and generic feature. E.g. it could be used to combine CSV
> connector with ssh scripts (from Unix connector) to copy the file from remote server - and this could do a lot of interesting tricks.
> As usual, these are the options: https://wiki.evolveum.com/display/midPoint/I+Need+New+Feature
> We are now preparing development plan for midPoint 3.6. It looks like there will be a lot of sponsored features and the development team will be very busy. But some sponsoring is still not confirmed so there may still be some place in the plan. First come, first serve.

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