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Martin Lízner - AMI Praha a.s. martin.lizner at ami.cz
Wed Dec 30 12:32:49 CET 2015

Hi all, im trying to create enumeration resource attribute in my custom
connector. My aim is to have mp resource wizard to render this attribute as
select box component. Im actually able to do this via changing the
connector XML directly by defining new xsd:simpleType with xsd:enumeration.
But the problem is with Java connector or ICF, which seems to dislike
enums... any idea?

Fragment of my connector code:
private OsType os;
private enum OsType {
    RHEL("RHEL"), AIX("AIX");

Starting mp I get:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property type 'class
com.evolveum.polygon.connectors.kdm.KDMConfiguration$OsType' is not

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