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Samu Viitanen zamppa90 at hotmail.com
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Hello Pavol,

Thank you for your quick response. Now that I investigated my logs a bit more, I noticed that the sync task is indeed still trying to connect to the AD, it just shows "Suspended" in the administration interface. I think I can continue with my implementation. Thank you for clarifying this for me.

Maybe the UI should show something else than "Suspended" when a transient problem happens.



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    Hello Samu,


      a task should go into a "suspended" state only if the problem that
      occurred is believed to be a persistent one. Transient problems
      like "AD down" should not result in the task being suspended -
      i.e. the synchronization task should report an error, but it
      should continue trying.


      There might be a bug in midPoint that incorrectly treats such an
      error. Or, maybe, the connector reports the problem in a wrong
      way. (This midPoint-connector-resource interplay is sometimes
      quite tricky.) 


      Would you please share your log file for us to diagnose the
      problem further?


      Best regards,




      On 14. 12. 2015 9:32, Samu Viitanen wrote:



        I came across an issue where I would like a synchronization task
        to be "persistent" meaning it would attempt to resume the task
        every once in awhile in case it was suspended. I do not want to
        use the administration interface to restart suspended tasks. I
        understand that it might be stupid to keep resuming a broken
        task, but if an AD is down for example, the task would never
        resume even if it came back up? Is this possible currently in




        Samu Viitanen



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