[Midpoint-dev] Midpoint-7.3.2 repository in mariadb-5.5.56 (RHEL 7)

Pavol Mederly pavol.mederly at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 10:45:17 CEST 2018

Hello Zachary,

first of all, it would be best to use *midpoint* mailing list, not 
midpoint-dev. The former has (at least I think so) much more subscribers 
than this one.

As for your specific question - I don't know. The use of SET TRANSACTION 
READ ONLY command can be turned off by setting *useReadOnlyTransactions* 
repository configuration property to false (visit 
https://wiki.evolveum.com/display/midPoint/Repository+Configuration to 
see how repository configuration is done -- although this particular 
property is not mentioned there). But I don't think this will solve all 
the issues; probably there are others problems related to the use of old 

Anyway, you can try it; and if you have any more questions, I recommend 
trying asking on midpoint mailing list.

Best regards,
Pavol Mederly

On 24.06.2018 0:11, Zachary Hanson-Hart wrote:
> Hi Midpoint list,
>    I'm trying to set up midpoint to use a remote database server for 
> the repository.  The rub is that it's a RHEL 7 server, and therefore 
> has mariadb 5.5.56.  The wiki 
> (https://wiki.evolveum.com/display/midPoint/MariaDB) says midpoint 
> tests on mariadb 10.0.28.
> At this point, midpoint won't start using the mariadb 5.5.56 database.
> So far, I had to make a trivial modification to the sql to create the 
> schema:
> midpoint-3.7.2/doc/config/sql/_all/mysql-3.7-all.sql
> -- mysql-3.7-all.sql   2018-06-08 04:58:50.000000000 -0400
> +++ mysql-3.7-all.sql.new       2018-06-23 17:57:01.441636150 -0400
> @@ -1923,7 +1923,7 @@
>      PROC_INST_ID_ varchar(64),
>      ACTIVITY_ID_ varchar(64),
>      CONFIGURATION_ varchar(255),
> -    CREATED_ timestamp(3) not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3),
> +    CREATED_ timestamp(3) not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(),
>      PROC_DEF_ID_ varchar(64),
>      TENANT_ID_ varchar(255) default '',
>      primary key (ID_)
> Yup, just get rid of the 3 in the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
> I have verified connectivity with the credentials in the config.xml.
> The current failure is related to the `SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY` 
> statements that aren't supported in the RedHat provided mariadb.  This 
> prevents midpoint from starting.  If I use the builtin H2, midpoint 
> starts fine.  So, it really is the mariadb version issue causing the 
> problems.
> Now, the questions to the greater midpoint-dev community:
> Have you tried to get this to work, and if so, what were the results?
> For those who use an "enterprise" linux flavor and mariadb as the DB 
> repository store, how do you manage the mariadb installation?
> Is there any interest for me to try to hack the source to get this to 
> work and submit a (non-java-guru) patch set?
> -Zach
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