[Midpoint-dev] Midpoint-7.3.2 repository in mariadb-5.5.56 (RHEL 7)

Zachary Hanson-Hart zachhh at temple.edu
Sun Jun 24 00:11:11 CEST 2018

Hi Midpoint list,

   I'm trying to set up midpoint to use a remote database server for the
repository.  The rub is that it's a RHEL 7 server, and therefore has
mariadb 5.5.56.  The wiki (
https://wiki.evolveum.com/display/midPoint/MariaDB) says midpoint tests on
mariadb 10.0.28.

At this point, midpoint won't start using the mariadb 5.5.56 database.

So far, I had to make a trivial modification to the sql to create the
-- mysql-3.7-all.sql   2018-06-08 04:58:50.000000000 -0400
+++ mysql-3.7-all.sql.new       2018-06-23 17:57:01.441636150 -0400
@@ -1923,7 +1923,7 @@
     PROC_INST_ID_ varchar(64),
     ACTIVITY_ID_ varchar(64),
     CONFIGURATION_ varchar(255),
-    CREATED_ timestamp(3) not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3),
+    CREATED_ timestamp(3) not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(),
     PROC_DEF_ID_ varchar(64),
     TENANT_ID_ varchar(255) default '',
     primary key (ID_)

Yup, just get rid of the 3 in the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

I have verified connectivity with the credentials in the config.xml.

The current failure is related to the `SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY`
statements that aren't supported in the RedHat provided mariadb.  This
prevents midpoint from starting.  If I use the builtin H2, midpoint starts
fine.  So, it really is the mariadb version issue causing the problems.

Now, the questions to the greater midpoint-dev community:

Have you tried to get this to work, and if so, what were the results?

For those who use an "enterprise" linux flavor and mariadb as the DB
repository store, how do you manage the mariadb installation?

Is there any interest for me to try to hack the source to get this to work
and submit a (non-java-guru) patch set?

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