[Midpoint-dev] Connector versions (pre-release 3.1)

Radovan Semancik radovan.semancik at evolveum.com
Fri Jan 16 18:22:53 CET 2015


We are getting very close to the midPoint 3.1 release. As a preliminary 
action we have done our Evolveum-specific release of ConnId framework 
with version number (following the rules as agreed with the 
ConnId team). As a consequence of this we have also fixed the versions 
of connectors that are built-in into midPoint to version This 
is CSVFille connector, DatabaseTable connector and LDAP connector. 
Therefore anyone who is currently using the development version of 
midPoint from the master branch should upgrade their system 
configurations accordingly.

As we are closing to the release we encourage the community to take part 
in the pre-release testing. Anyone willing to contribute any testing 
manpower is very welcomed.


                                            Radovan Semancik
                                           Software Architect

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