[Midpoint-dev] Restrict user view to a particular Organisation Unit

Shelly Piplani shelly.piplani at ilantus.com
Mon Oct 6 23:32:01 CEST 2014

Hi ,

I am trying to restrict a user to view only one Organisation Unit to which he is a member of.

I am able to get the full organisation tree for a user but not able to restrict the user to view one OU
I tried different permutations and combinations for restricting the view of a store user to one particular organisation unit.

Following  is the script I tried to add in the role of that user:

<authorization id>
         <orgRef xmlns:tns="http://midpoint.evolveum.com/xml/ns/public/common/common-3"

Here oid=310f0079-4016-46e9-8a09-c9ed149a85a1 is the oid of the organisation Unit to which I want view for that user.

This script is not restricting the view to one Organisation Unit. However I am able to view the full Organisation tree for that user.

Please provide your help and advice on this.


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