[midPoint] Role configuration with dynamic inducements

Wojciech Staszewski wojciech.staszewski at diagnostyka.pl
Sat Dec 31 03:58:50 CET 2016


Hello All 

I'm just reading documentation about roles, metaroles,
assignments, inducements, patametric assignments, etc, and I'm little
confused (maybe because it's late and I should sleep instead thinking of

Anyway, I need to create role with some kind of dynamic

I have several hundreds of servers, including about 70
database servers, I organized them by type in Organizational structure
(IT infrastructure -> DB servers), and also added them to the Company
regional structure in separate tree. 

The role called "Master Oracle
administrator" should have inducement to all servers in "DB servers"
(shell accounts). 

The role called "North-west Admin" should induce all
DB servers which are also in Company OU "North-west region". 

When I
install new db server and put it in Midpoint Org units, proper accounts
should be created on that server without touching anything else. 

this possible to do? Can I use Assignment target search do do it?

Best regards, 
Wojciech Staszewski

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