[midPoint] How to change intent in resource accounts?

Pavol Mederly mederly at evolveum.com
Mon Dec 19 18:17:21 CET 2016

Generally, you could also delete them and re-import again (this could 
cause problems if e.g. midPoint users are linked to them - no big 
problem, but a round of recompute or reconcile would be needed).

Or you could use bulk actions (a.k.a. scripting) to change the intent.

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On 19.12.2016 16:45, Wojciech Staszewski wrote:
> Well, I corrected intent of these accounts by clicking them one by one in Configuration->Repository Objects->Shadow.
> Fotrunaltely it was only 20 accunts....
> W dniu 19.12.2016 o 16:05, Wojciech Staszewski pisze:
>> Hello!
>> I have configured a resource. In Account schema handling i set intent "defalut" first, but then I've changed my mind and chaged it to "testAccount"
>> and configured sync for this intent.
>> But now I see, when I enter accounts on this resource that some of accounts have intent "default" and the rest "testAccount".
>> Reconciliation, synchronization and import accounts with intent "testAccount" goes OK without errors,
>> but I cannot do anything with these with "default" intent. Changing owner and import gives me an error.
>> How to change intent of these accounts to "testAccount"?
>> Thanks :*
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