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Petr Gašparík - AMI Praha a.s. petr.gasparik at ami.cz
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REST API does not work with browser, so what is the concept of "SSO" here?

We did SSO in past, with HTTP header and with CAS, in core concept it
requires user's browser. If you use REST, you use midPiont in API mode.
There is no SSO AFAIK. You submit user/password every time, as REST is

cheers, P.


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2016-12-08 9:25 GMT+01:00 Pertti Kellomäki <pertti.kellomaki at datactica.fi>:

> Hi,
> The SSO Howto https://wiki.evolveum.com/display/midPoint/MidPoint+and+SSO+
> HOWTO states that "midPoint can be configured to accept the
> "authentication" based solely on the presence of the username in the HTTP
> header."
> Is it possible to configure the REST api to do the same? I am looking at
> how to do authentication for REST clients that use an external SSO.
> Pertti
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