[midPoint] REL 3.3 initial-objects

Jens Breitenstein mailinglist at j-b-s.de
Mon Dec 7 13:12:12 CET 2015

Hi all!

I am searching for the easiest way to introduce xml-defined roles like 
the midpoint own roles located in "initial-objects".
First thing I am confused about is that all roles are duplicated and 
exist in two different modules (admin-gui and midpoint-config). What 
about having a new maven-module which contains the xml-definitions only 
once and all other modules reference it as simple artifact dependency?

At first glance it looks like that introduction of new roles is only 
possible by adding them to the sources and rebuild the project.
Is there a more elegant solution I just missed?
At the moment I am working around it by using a "initial-subjects" 
folder in "midpoint-home" which is also read on startup (drawback: 
requires a minor patch in "InitialDataImport.java").

Thanks in advance


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