[midPoint] REL 3.3 Date represented using two digits

Jens Breitenstein mailinglist at j-b-s.de
Mon Dec 7 12:59:42 CET 2015

Hi All!

Thanks for release 3.3 looks great. As I mentioned it before concerning 
the 3.2 release I still need to change the years representation from 2 
digits to 4.
As I never used Wicket before the only solution I found is to patch the 
code directly by adding the method below to "DateInput.java".

     protected DateTextField newDateTextField(String id, 
PropertyModel<Date> dateFieldModel) {
         return DateTextField.forDatePattern(id, dateFieldModel, 

While this is sufficient for our requirements I wonder how we can make 
this feature configurable and generally available as I want to avoid 
manual code patches for every release?

Thanks in advance


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