[midPoint] "Asynchronous" web service invocation

Samu Viitanen zamppa90 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 7 10:09:00 CET 2015


Something has crossed my mind dealing with recent probems in my implementation. Is it possible to make the executeChanges() call to the WS only depend on the changes in the midPoint focus object?

To clarify what I mean is that when I have a default user template that creates accounts on different resources, I only get the response when the assignments/accounts have been processed. This causes problems when a) the resource is down for example and b) a conflict happens in a specific resource. I would like to invoke the method "asynchronously" so that my response only contains changes in the focus object. Is this possible? If so, do I have to parse the response to achieve this?

Sorry for the messy explanation.

Best Regards
Samu Viitanen
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