[Midpoint-dev] midPoint AD Password filter

Pavol Mederly pavol.mederly at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 16:30:43 CET 2013

Hello, Paul,

I would like to join Rado in saying "many thanks" to you for the filter.
Motivated by this work of you, I've conducted yet another hard battle
with .Net to fix our old web service problem :)

Hopefully, it is fixed now, see https://jira.evolveum.com/browse/MID-1603.
I've tested my patch against your older sample client code as well as 
our sample
client, and it seems to work.

Please, could you spare a minute to run your password filter against updated
version of the midpoint (you can choose either master branch or 
and tell me if it works OK?

> Hi,
> We're pleased to release the attached AD password filter for
> midPoint, this changes the midPoint users password and will be updated
> to use the notifyChange method.
> This password filter is affected by the oddities of C#'s web services
> implementation and depends on
> https://jira.evolveum.com/browse/MID-1603
> This is released under the Apache license and builds upon the work at
> https://code.google.com/p/hashing-password-filter/
> Regards
> Paul
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