[Midpoint-dev] midPoint release 1.8 (Hyperion)

Radovan Semancik radovan.semancik at evolveum.com
Mon Aug 8 14:35:51 CEST 2011

The Evolveum team is proud to announce the release of midPoint version 1.8.

The version 1.8 code-named Hyperion is a step towards a production-ready 
product. Major refactoring that was required due to the OpenIDM heritage 
is now finished. The code is in a good shape and the system is 
maintainable. New features are focused on troubleshooting and 
diagnostics. The error reporting and logging are substantially enhanced. 
Lot of effort was invested in testing. The code is a "pre-release" 
quality. It may be used to evaluate the technology and provide feedback.

For more information please see 

About midPoint

MidPoint is user provisioning system. It is a tool that synchronizes 
several identity repositories, manages them and makes them available in 
unified form. It belongs to the user provisioning category of the 
enterprise identity management field. It handles user provisioning, 
identity synchronization, identity process automation and provides 
numerous features in the field of enterprise identity management. The 
development process of midPoint is pragmatic and open, it focuses on 
usability and solutions to the practical identity management challenges.

For more information please see http://midpoint.evolveum.com/

About Evolveum

Evolveum is a company committed to develop creative, open and - most 
importantly - working software. We struggle to continually improve the 
software in a creative way. All software that we develop is open-source 
using completely open development process. The software is created with 
one critical goal in mind: usability. The software must work, it must be 
efficient solution to an existing problem, the software must provide 
value. Pragmatic engineering processes are our methods, working software 
is our ultimate goal.

For more details please see http://evolveum.com/


                                            Radovan Semancik
                                           Software Architect

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