[midPoint-ci] [Bamboo] Midpoint-trunk > 1 Full build > #914 has FAILED (22 tests failed). Change made by Radovan Semancik and Viliam Repan.

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Wed Feb 29 16:09:56 CET 2012

Midpoint-trunk > 1 Full build > #914 failed.
Code has been updated by Radovan Semancik, Viliam Repan.
22/153 tests failed.


Failing Jobs
  - Nightly Build (Clover reporting): 22 of 153 tests failed.

Code Changes
Viliam Repan (2635):

>yet another xjc schema fix

Radovan Semancik (2636):

>Fixed missing anyURI type mapping. Also fixed some minor bugs.
>Better error reporting.

New Test Failures (22)
   - RepositoryAccountTest: Account shadow owner
   - RepositoryAccountTest: Account
   - RepositoryAccountTest: List resource object shadows
   - RepositoryGenericObjectTest: Generic object
   - RepositoryResourceTest: Resource
   - RepositorySearchPagingTest: Paging only sorting test
   - RepositorySearchPagingTest: Paging max value test
   - RepositorySearchPagingTest: Paging from first element test
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search user by name
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search account by attributes
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search account by no attributes use query util
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search account by attributes use query util
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search account by attributes and resource ref
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search connector by type
   - RepositorySearchTest: Search by name all objects test
   - RepositoryTest: Add object with the same name
   - RepositoryTest: Add object that already exists
   - RepositoryUserTemplateTest: User template
   - RepositoryUserTest: User delete account ref
   - RepositoryUserTest: User add without oid
   - RepositoryUserTest: User add extension
   - RepositoryUserTest: User
Fixed Tests (8)
   - TestJaxbSanity: Unmarshall and equals user prism
   - TestJaxbSanity: Unmarshall and equals user mixed
   - TestObjectParsing: Prism parse jaxb

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