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Fri Aug 12 08:09:07 CEST 2011

Midpoint-trunk > 1 Full build > #338 failed.
Code has been updated by Radovan Semancik.
2/2 jobs failed, no tests found.


Failing Jobs
  - Clover reporting (Default Stage): No tests found.
  - Nightly Build (Default Stage): No tests found.

Code Changes
Radovan Semancik (958):

>Cleaning up archaic and deprecated ICF schemas. Most components refactored OK, but I've been lost in model test labyrinth. Model tests fail now.

Radovan Semancik (957):

>Removing bundle version from the connector config namespace. It is lesser evil.

Radovan Semancik (956):

>Substantial change in the method how connectors are handled. Connector objects are now regular repository objects.
>Refactored connector initialization. Configuration is now a method separate from connector instantiation.

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